What does "recalibrate" mean?

People with PD often experience a diminished and flat voice. Research and our experience shows that a person still possesses the ability to speak loudly, but it requires deliberate effort. We want users recalibrating - speaking with more effort to achieve their previous volumes so that users can re-engage with their lives!

I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's but don't notice voice issues. Is this webinar for me?

Short answer: yes.
Long answer: preventative maintenance, in all areas that Parkinson's may affect, is a powerful tool to combat symptom onset. Your voice is no different; the best way to preserve and even improve your voice is start practicing early.

How is this webinar series different from other voice treatment programs?

Loud and Clear offers two products: a webinar series and an app to download. The webinars are live, interactive, and joined by hundreds of others taking back their voice. The app is completed individually anywhere a user wants, whenever a user wants.

Does the Parkinsons Voice Webinar replace treatment from a Speech-Language Pathologist?

No, currently we don't recommend our webinar or app as a replacement to traditional voice treatment. However, with people sheltered in place, we needed to give people with PD an option to maintain their vocal fitness.

I like you, but...

If you're experiencing problems or need help in any way, please send an email or even call us. We want to hear from you! Our heart is to serve and empower you. (Note: feel free to send an email telling us what you do like about us, makes us feel good!)

What if I hate computers?

We designed Loud and Clear to be as simple to follow as possible, and we are always here to help! Reach out with any questions, technical or otherwise, and we'll do our best to help you conquer whatever problem you might be facing.